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Wale- Clappers (Remix) ft Rick Ross, Fat Trel & Young Thug



In Celebration of Black History Month
Cicely Tyson is #PrettyPeriod

If Lupita doesn’t play her in a biopic I swear to god


why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4am


How to always get the best deals on everything.


TerrainConversations with leading cultural figures

Magazine: Another Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
Models: Beauty, Venantia, Cheryl, Punky & Nandipha
Photographer: Jackie Nickerson

When I began to take the pictures I realised that I needed to create a visual language that put across the farmers and farm workers as individuals and as modern people. I wanted the viewer to be challenged to look at Africa in a different way and also for the images to have an aesthetic, a beauty.  Actually, the images are very much a recreation of moments in everyday life – it’s naturally beautiful.

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Growing Up Ebony Nettles-Bey Showed natural ability as a basketball player and showed great promise early on. Basketball became her love and her dram when she was in 2nd grade. Ebony excelled in the sport so much so that by the time she was a sophomore in high school she was named all conference and had a scholarship offer from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee At the start of one of her games she felt abnormally tired and couldn’t run up and down the court Ebony went to the hospital where she found out that she had a lump on her rib, a lot fluid on her lungs, and that she had sarcoma cancer at 16-years-old.

Ebony was devastated because she thought she was going to die and was feeling defeated. Now Ebony is no longer as scared and doesn’t think like that. She became strong and determined to fight Cancer and battle through the Chemotherapy, surgeries, weight loss, and hair loss. It is Currently in the works for Ebony to meet LeBron James who is one of the players she looks up too. Ebony at less than 100% earned her spot to still be a starter on her Basketball team and is determined to win against cancer as well.

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White Racism- Paul Mooney Explains what most whites just don’t get

"The color of your skin condemns you"

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Jimmy Nelson

Before They Pass Away


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Like a Pimp

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Beenie Man - Girls Dem Sugar (featuring Mya)

Confession: I have a crush on beenie man

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Nobel Queen, Wise Mother and Elder Sister TONI MORRISON!

Born February 18, 1931 (83 years of wisdom)
Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom and so much more…..



Inspiralized -  How to make healthy and creative meals with the spiralizer…turns vegetables into noodles….VIDEO Recipe

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